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Your home. It's your biggest investment.
It's where you spend most of your time.
Let's take what you see on Pinterest and make it a reality.
backroads construction

It's About Integrity, Honesty, and Craftsmanship.

You have a Pinterest board full of ideas. My aim is to make those ideas a reality – and that you love.

I believe in honesty and integrity as the foundation of every successful project. My dedication to quality and attention to detail ensure exceptional results.

It's About Integrity

Integrity is at the forefront of everything I do. From pouring concrete to securing a board, every step of the construction process requires a solid foundation of trust and honesty. I take pride in my work and strive to ensure that every project is executed with the highest level of integrity. When clients trust me to build their dream home or remodel their bathroom, they expect nothing but the best, and it’s my responsibility to deliver that with integrity each and every time. I know that my reputation is only as good as our last project, which is why integrity is non-negotiable.

It's About Honesty

Honesty is very important to me. Honesty is crucial when it comes to meeting deadlines and budget constraints. Being truthful about any setbacks or obstacles that arise during a project allows for effective problem-solving and ultimately a successful outcome. Overall, honesty is not only a moral value, but a practical one for someone like me.

It's About Craftsmanship

I take great pride in the work that I do. Every day, I get to bring someone’s vision to life and create something that will stand the test of time. From laying the foundation to adding the final touches, every single detail of the project matters to me. Whether it’s a custom-built home or a remodel, I always strive for excellence and pay close attention to the smallest of details. This is what separates a craftsman from a regular construction worker, and I take my role very seriously.

It's A Journey Through Sweat, Challenges, and Triumphs in Building Dreams

Swinging a hammer, cutting a piece of timber, and putting it all together can be a challenge. It can be hot. It can be hard. But in the end, I love that I get to create something amazing that will make my clients smile for years to come.

backroads construction

While I enjoy working in all fields of construction, these are the areas I excel at:

I create beautiful and functional decks using traditional or modern materials to fit any budget, with a focus on durability, and safety.


It's new to you, but you want some changes. This is one of my specialities. Let's customize it and make your dream changes come true.

Fireplace with installation of moldings on fireplaces and white crown molding, no fire
Interior Trim Work

The final douch of a home including decorative finishes such as crown molding, baseboards, window casings, door frames, and chair rails.

Outdoor Hardscape

From pergolas to pavillions, there's no better way to enjoy your backyard or frontyard. Let me design the ultimate hardscape for your home.

New interior residential wooden construction house framing
New Construction

There's nothing quite like watching a house go from a simple foundation to having walls and ceilings.

little indoor fountain

The tranquil sound of water - it's the beauty of adding a water feature to your landscape and home.

... and there are a few things I try to avoid:

How it works

I make construction projects easy and stress-free. With my experience and resources, I’ll help make it an enjoyable process – from planning to the final outcome. Let’s make your construction dreams a reality today!

Discuss Your Dreams

You have dreams, and expectations. You have ideas saved on Pinterest boards. Let's talk about them! I'll help you know how we can make them a reality.

Get an Estimate

I'll work out the costs and share it with you via email. You can then decide when you're ready to move forward.


We'll then work out a time that works for both your schedule and mine. Then the fun begins and we get started on your dream project.

When I needed a new deck, I looked on Facebook for recommendations. Matthew’s previous deck work was highly recommended. We interviewed and got bids from a few local contractors but felt most impressed with Matthew. He was personal and easy to talk to. He also gave us an affordable quote. We were not disappointed. We were impressed, primarily for two reasons: 1) The end result was exactly what we were looking for. It was beautiful. 2) Matthew was great to work with. In fact, we’ve since hired him to do a few more things around our home and have more projects lined up for him. He was quick to make things right if something didn’t look right. He helped us see our vision become a reality.

Cody E

Corvallis, MT

It's Your Home. It's Your Dream.
I'm ready to help make it a reality.

Whether you’re looking at building your dream home or remodeling a part of your existing home, I’m ready and excited to help you realize your dream. Let’s talk about those Pinterest boards, ideas, and dreams. 
Getting an estimate is easy. Reach out to me via text, email, or a phone call and we’ll set up a time for me to come out and take a look at what you’re looking to have done. I’m excited to hear from you.

Matthew Stofleth

Owner - Backroads Construction

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